Sunrise Model will launch COOL series ESC to the market

Sunrise Model will launch to the market a new series Brushless ESC which named COOL series. COOL series have the widest range of Brushless ESC from tiny 6A to powerful 150A which could meet different requirements and needs for different hobby enthusiasts. 

Compared with most brands of present ESC in the market, all Sunrise Model COOL series ESCs are armed with new generation MOSFET and PCB of thick copper plate (the thickest reaches 1200μm), which could effectively reduce the temperature rise. Besides, the most popular Switch BEC is applied on most of COOL series ESC. All ESC in COOL series can be used on Airplane, Helicopter, and Electric Ducted Fan (EDF).
Sunrise Model COOL series ESC has leading advantages comparing with most other Chinese ESC brands in the market. Its price would be the lowest comparing with other ESC at the same level of performance and functions, and its performance and functions would be the best comparing with other ESC at the same level of price. In a word, Sunrise Model COOL series ESC would be the ESC has the HIGHEST PERFORMANCE PRICE RATIO in the market.
Highest performance price ratio products with reliable quality is our insistently pursuit forever.  

 Following is the Slice figure of COOL series 80A ESC PCB: (9-9-2011)

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