Successful test about Our ICE ESC

One of our customers from Germany has tested our new products (ICE-HV180A-OPTO). He gave us the feedback as followings: today at a Airshow i flew again two times without a problem”  “Everything works well so far. Thank´s again for your great service.”
We are showing all the details of this test for reference.
Item No.(ESC): ICE-HV180A-OPTO
Airplane type: Skymaster F16 1/8 converted to EDF(Vasafan 120 mm)
Motor Type: HET 700-98-840,
ESC parameters: 12 KHZ frequency and Auto-timing, freewheel activated.
Battery Type:  12s Lipos, EP- 6000mah 35 C.
Thrust:  about 10 kg.
Pictures of Datelogger:

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